Man. Student. Londoner. Shovel. Bear.

I am only some of these things, and yet I am also all of them. My name is Ethan Woods, pleased to meet you.

The reasons for this blog’s hellish existence are two-fold. Fold the First: my Editor-ish type person (for I have one of those) told me I should have one. I’ve also heard these bloggish type things are good for first-time writer-types, of which I am one.

Fold the Second escapes me.

What do I like to write about then? Well, like any self-respecting 18-year-old I like to write about all those vidya nasties: games and films and… well, games and films. If you’re really unlucky, I might even blemish it with my thoughts and feelings in general. But that would be a most unusual thing indeed. Hopefully though, this blog should be the intermediary between myself and the world wide internets – every last drop of it.

If you’re feeling like a complete and utter internet creep you might like to contact me at ethanwoods94@gmail.com. Not the most imaginative of email addresses I admit, but it’ll do for you lot. All one of you.

Enjoy. (Or else.)

Oh, and P.S. Don’t worry about the blog name. I’ve only ever killed one rabbit, and that was during an unfortunate accident involving a harpoon and a small otter. Poor Roger, he never stood a chance.


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