Hello You

No sooner had I created my About page than did I realise that I should also probably write an introductory first post. I supposed I could probably copy/paste it, although that my look lazy and I’d hate to set that precedent so early with absolutely everything I do. But then I supposed I’d otherwise have to write a completely different intro possibly covering the exact same things – and that just looks silly.

Already it seemed that this blogging business has become fraught with trepidation.

But then the answer became clear. “Link to the About page,” I said to myself, “and then spend the rest of the post giving an insight into the inane trials and tribulations that confront your mind in every waking moment.” And so this is where we find ourselves: I’ve been broken already.

My name’s Ethan, by the way. You’d know that if you’d read the About page. I linked it, you know.


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